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Room 3 News

Jack's River Nile wins May's Art Competition!

Congratulations to Andzolina and Emily, our Northern Ireland topic book winners!

Ethan's H & W cranes are February's art winner!

Lucas wins Artist of the Month for January with his cotton wool print owls.

Marley is our December Artist with her scary shark art!

Emily's lion won her Artist of the Month for November!
Minibeast Winning Team - Amphibians led by Olivia!
Sandra is October's Artist with lovely ladybirds
Basketball Superstars with their trophy!
Ethan is the first Millionaire Reader of 2018!

Meet our Pupil Councillors!

Eco Mantella visits P5!

This African millipede has a few too many legs!
Look how long it is!
We loved having Karl to visit.
This tickles!
Ethan volunteers to hold the cockroach.
It doesn't fall!
Brave girl!
So interesting!
Legs the millipede made lots of friends.
Oh Kate!
More friends for Legs.
That's more like it, Kate! Well done!
Emily takes control of the cockroach.
Well done, Casey!
It's on your HEAD!
Ryan loved holding the cockroach.
Thiis mexican tarantula turned a few heads!
Our scorpion changed colour under UV light!
Meet "Eeewww!"
Well done, Olivia!
Hannah's hands were soo slimey!
"Take my picture!"
Lovely, Marley!
These girls weren't afraid of anything!
We're excited too, Lana!

Joel wins the first game of WOW Words! Andzolina came a close second!

Andzolina is Artist of the month for September!

Ethan is our AR secret weapon!
Ryan is the first to win BUZZ & Barney Bee!

We're off to a good start in P5!

Alfie & Ethan win the first Daily Dare!
Andzolina & Kate win the first game of BINGO!