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Paddington's Adventures in Room 3

Paddington did some AR reading with Logan and his dog Polo!

Abi spoilt Paddington with MacDonald's and pancakes!

Paddington's adventures with Lucas!

Andzolina took good care of Paddington and he learnt all about fish!

Paddington meets Felix, the hamster, with Emily!

Paddington visits Violet!

Paddington loved his weekend with Nicole!

Paddington finally makes it home with Marley!

Paddington had a super time with Alfie's dog Milo!

Paddington had great fun with Thomas over Christmas!

Holly's naughty elf was a bad influence on Paddington but he enjoyed playing with Smokie the cat!

Ryan introduced Paddington to animal friends, helped him with homework, spent time gaming, dreamt of summer, and even taught him about BB!

Hannah introduced Paddington to lots of birds!

Kate made sure Paddington behaved - she exhausted him!

Paddington had lots of fun with Andrew!

Olivia and Paddington have fun together!

Paddington had great fun with Casey!

Paddington enjoyed cuddles with Jack's cat Meg!

Jack and Paddington had great fun at Half Term!

Paddington wishes Thomas a Happy Birthday!

Paddington had a great time meeting not one but three dogs with Joel!

Lana and Paddington hung out with friends!

Mason had to keep a close eye on Paddington!

Lois invites Paddington home for tea