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P2 Conn/Mulholland Welcome back video

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P2 Coles/Shaw Welcome back video

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On Thursday 2nd May 2019 P2 went to W5.  First we carried out a Science Investigation  to find out the best material to make a boat and a bridge for the 3 little pigs.  Then we went to the discovery area and finished on the Climb it.  We had so much fun.  Enjoy our photos.


Our shared reading this week was The Gingerbread Man Loose in school. We have absolutely loved it so Today, Thursday 7th February, we baked Gingerbread men and thankfully none of them were let loose!  Enjoy looking through our photos.
Our hairdressers in P2 and having fun in the dark den.

Fully booked in the hairdressers

Today, Thursday 31st, we played a game, May I get on your train, to practise our odd and even numbers.  We had so much fun trying to work out why our train driver would allow some of us on the train. Take a look at these photos.  
Today, Thursday 31st January, we paid another visit to our friends in Laurel hill nursing home.  We entertained them songs from our assembly, we read them a story, joined our friends in one of their songs and together we coloured some fairytale pictures.  To finish off we had the most delicious snack.  Enjoy looking through our pictures.

Playing with Christmas

Today, Thursday 22 November, during World Around Us, we were making a toy from the past a cup and ball.  Some of us were doing a Science experiment to find out what happens when we add soda and vinegar to hot chocolate.  
Today we had a very interesting visit from Linda at Down Museum.  There was not a battery in sight or a screen! She brought in lots of toys from the ‘olden days’  and shared her knowledge on how the toys were made, what they were made from and gave us a little insight into what life was like for children a long time ago.  Linda allowed the children to play with these very delicate and precious toys giving us a real experience of toys from long ago.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our morning and look forward to our next topic of ‘Toys’.   
On Monday 5th November we invited our parents into the classroom for a Literacy and Numeracy evening.  The purpose of the evening was to illustrate to parents how they can support their child in these areas using resources in the home.  

Parents’ Literacy and Numeracy Workshops

When we finish our maths we can freely choose a maths game. On Wednesday we had countless fun playing with them.

Mrs Conroy gave us ice cream and sprinkles to thank us for the amazing amount of money we raised for Florence, You can see how much we enjoyed this treat. Thank you Mrs Conroy!

Have a look at what we were up to today in play and using useful words.

P2C/M listened to a beautiful story called Pumpkin soup. To link in with this and our autumnal weather we made made vegetable soup.

We are investigating the story of 5. We had endless fun using different resources to investigate this fabulous number 5. We weighed our numicon tiles, used numicon rods and shared 5 apples and chesnuts between 2 and 3. Enjoy our photos.

Today. Thursday 27th September, we paid a visit to Laurelhill Nursing home. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the residents loved having us. We sang songs and had lots of interesting conversations. We even compared how our teeth fall out!!

Linking in with our clothes shop we are making clothes catalogues at the craft table.

On Wednesday we will be practising our Useful words in lots of interesting and fun ways.

As part of World Around Us, P2C/M we were making a family tree today.  Some of us applied this later on in our play.  Take a look at Logan Jamison and Hollie illustrating their grandfathers in play dough. 

We had great fun ordering numicon tiles and challenging our friend to find the missing numbers that we had hidden.  Have a look at what Zach and Michael were up to!

We were very busy washing clothes today and taking advantage of the good drying day that it was!

At the craft table we are designing our own clothes catalogue.

Today 13th September 2018

We are loving our Clothes Shop. A huge thank you for all your donations. It is providing us with endless learning opportunities. Thank you again. We really appreciate your support.

Today was our first 'Show adn Tell'. Thank you to the Yllow Table for sharing such interesting topics and objects with us.

Welcome to P2C/M. We are loving our first topic - 'Super Me'. Enjoy looking through this slide show to see what we are up to!

We are really enjoying the Mouse-Bot and using the coding cards.