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Paddington makes new furry friends!

Paddington is loving getting to know all the new P5 boys and girls in Room 3!


He is very interested in our first World Around Us topic of Animals and as soon as he heard that we had lots and lots of pets at home he begged Miss Colhoun and Mrs Lilley to let him go home with P5 and spend the night making new furry friends!


Picture 1 Paddington met Rio's fish.
Picture 2 Rio had Paddington for 5 days!
Picture 3 Paddington hid in the fridge during the hurricane!
Picture 4 He was into everything!
Picture 1 Paddington got up to lots of mischief at Kati's!
Picture 2 Paddington getting kisses from Charlie!
Picture 3 What a beautiful dog...
Picture 1 Paddington behaved himself at Lily's house.
Picture 2 Paddington made a new friend, Chester!
Picture 3 He loved snugling up on the sofa witj Lily.
Picture 1 Paddington meets Katie's dog - isn't Milo lovely?!
Picture 2 Hey Paddington, those aren't real horses!
Picture 1 Paddington feeling tickly!
Picture 1 An exhausted Paddington after meeting Molly's pets
Picture 2 He enjoyed riding on Teddy's back!
Picture 3 He was a bit frightened of Lady at first!
Picture 1 Samara introduced Paddington to Bella
Picture 2 He loved cuddling Bella!
Picture 3 Was Paddington phoning Aunt Lucy in Peru?
Picture 1 Paddington made friends with Finn, woof!
Picture 2 The marmalade thief strikes again!
Picture 1 Tom introduced Paddington to Penny
Picture 2 Paddington meets Penny!
Picture 3 Paddington had to guard his marmalde sandwich!
Picture 4 Abi introduced Paddington to her fish!
Picture 5 Cameron's Russian dwarf hamster, Raz.
Picture 6 Paddington loved meeting Raz.
Picture 1 Zakk's dog Oly
Picture 2 Sofiya's rabbit Poppy
Picture 3 Paddington partied with Sofiya's rabbit Poppy!
Picture 4 Sofiya, Paddington and Poppy
Picture 5 Luke introduces Paddington to Fluffy