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Edinburgh Trip - Day 3

What another glorious day with the brilliant P7 boys and girls.

Blair Drummond Safari Park will live long in the memory for many reasons!! From superb animals, to awesome ice-cream, both pupils and staff will have many great stories to tell.

Mr Rice tried his best to do tour guide while in the animal enclosures, while the children tried their best to laugh at his terrible jokes, as well as NOT correct him when he gave them the wrong name of a specific animals.

The sea lion show was spectacular, Lola the sea lion entertained us with her tricks, others entertained us with their antics getting down off the seats!!

The birds of prey were majestic. So well trained, they were able to fly within centimetres of our heads. (We were genuinely concerned ​they might pounce on a pony tail or two!!)

Crazy golf was a nice way to end our evening activities. We definitely have one or two budding Rory McIlroy's coming through the ranks.

One more sleep and we'll be heading for home. Hard to believe.

Everyone has enjoyed the trip and is looking forward to spending the remainder of their money in the Ocean Terminal Centre ​​tomorrow.
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