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Edinburgh Trip - Day 2

What another fun filled day with the Ballymacash Crew.


Deep Sea World was excellent and the sun shone. Both children and staff learnt lots about sea life before heading deep under the water to observe the fish and sharks close up.


Thankfully, we were behind VERY thick glass so the sharks didn't get to find out what Lisburn school children taste like.​​​


​After lunch we headed over the Forth Bridge. We were proud of all the children, especially those who faced a fear of heights to get from one end of the bridge to the other.


Next up we met Neil, our tour guide who joined us on the bus to tell us more about the city of Edinburgh. The children learnt all about the history of the famous city, from Kings and Queens, to dogs and dead bodies.


Our evening activity was​​​ ten pin bowling with a few arcade games thrown in for good measure.


Everyone in bed 'relatively' early in preparation for a big day at the safari park tomorrow.​

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