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Edinburgh Trip - Day 1

What a start to the 2016 Edinburgh Trip.

Excited children (and staff!!) set off for four days of fun.
After a great journey over to Scotland, the group stopped for a quick picnic lunch before heading to the Snow dome for sledging and snow tubing. Their feet may have been soaked. Their hands may have been cold but they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (Where else would you get to see Mrs Reid and Mr Rice nearly kill themselves by flipping head first out of a rubber ring.)

Some of the top quotes...

"This is the best trip ever!" and "Amazing!!"

We will try to add as many photographs as possible, as we go along.

Hi everyone, Reece Kinkead here and we're heading for bed now for a good night sleep and a good rest for tomorrow for a action packed adventure. We did all sorts of action packed activities such as snow tubing and fun and games on Portabello Beach such as a wee paddle in the sea and sports such as beach cricket.

Hello everyone Adam McLean here updating you on the activities of our day. Up early in the morning to catch the bus and boat. We did activities such as snow tubing in Glasgow on our way and having a little games night on Portabello Beach. Sand cricket and football, a paddle in the sea then concludes our epic day.
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